Logs inspector for PyroCMS

Logs inspector 1.3

Logs inspector This module allows you to check your PyroCMS logs files without any FTP or SSH client, right from the admin panel. You can use either HTML or Plain text view. With the infinite scrolling you can load only the part of the log you need, also the HTML view has an automatic log type detection to find the type of error you are looking for easily. With the text filter you can search for any text on the log file, and will automatically filter the lines shown. Also you can download files, download the filtered results on a log and delete the files.

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Jus drop the unzziped folder into addons/default/modules/ go to Add-ons tab, and press Install on the Logs inspector module.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 11.16.22


You need to go to Utilities -> Logs Inspector where you have a complete listing of your PyroCMS logs files.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 11.15.12


  • You cant see any files on the Log inspector details?
    • Probably your site doesn’t have permissions to write on that folders, be sure the log files are being created
  • Do I have to configure the log path?
      • No, the module takes the log path from the PyroCMS config, so if you change your log folder from the PyroCMS config you don’t need

    to change anything else.


If you think there is any other feature you want, just leave a comment ;)


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